[petsc-users] Reading a mesh into Plex

Dharmendar Reddy dharmareddy84 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 01:43:09 CST 2014

        I need to load a mesh file into DMPlex object. The mesh is
generated by a software which outputs the mesh in this format:

List of Vertex Coordinates (i=1 to N_V) :  P_i = X_i Y_i Z_i

List of Edges (i= 1 to N_E):  E_i = P_m P_n where m,n <= N_V

List of Faces (i=1 to N_F):  F_i = E_m E_n E_o where m,n,o < N_E
(edge ids can be negative or positive depending on the orientation)

List of Cells (i = 1 to N_C): C_i = F_m F_n F_o F_p .... for say Tetrahedron
                                                  = E_m E_n E_o for
triangles on the boundary regions.

Any suggestions on how i can read this mesh file into DMPlex.


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