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The linear system is hard to solve and may be ill-conditioned. I got the condition number from PETSc, which does not look too bad (around 10^4), then the distribution of eigenvalues (spectrum) will be helpful for choosing suitable reordering/preconditioning types.

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>I need to find the spectrum of the a large linear system (over 100,000 unknowns). Option -ksp_compute_eigenvalues_explicitly ran out of memory since the matrix is too big, then -ksp_compute_eigenvalues only gave a small number of eigenvalues (around 30). My questions are:
>1. Is the number of computed eigenvalues determined by the number of GMRES iterations to converge?
>2. Can PETSc give the extreme eigenvalues now that the number of computed eigenvalues is limited?

It will help to understand why you want these.

Thanks a lot for your info,

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