[petsc-users] Modeling a Network with DMPlex?

Florian Meier florian.meier at koalo.de
Mon Feb 10 00:33:49 CST 2014

I would like to solve a non-linear equation system over a computer
network. This is somewhat similar to FEM. There is a bunch of
equations for each link that includes variables of adjacent links. I
assume there is some support in PETSc for mapping the network to
memory, distribute it and iterate over the adjacent links, but all
examples I could found for DMPlex are so tightly coupled to FEM that I
am not able to separate the relevant parts from the parts that are
only needed for FEM (e.g. continuous elements, discretization).

Is DMPlex actually the right place to look?
Is there any example that is more similar to my application?
Any further pointers?


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