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Åsmund Ervik asmund.ervik at ntnu.no
Thu Feb 6 08:00:19 CST 2014

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Ok, so PETSC_DEFAULT_REAL works fine with master but not with 3.4.
What are my options if I want to keep this simple? I can pretty much
guarantee that my colleagues and the test server won't all switch to
3.5 simultaneously. Is there a better fix than hardcoding in the
default values? KSPSetTolerances is the only place where we use these.


On 06. feb. 2014 13:46, Barry Smith wrote:
> Sorry, we changed these to match the “PETSc type” so it is now
> PETSC_DEFAULT_REAL; the reasoning is that this works when you build
> PetscReal as single precision, double, or quad while the name
> PETSC_DEFAULT_DOUBLE_PRECISION is tied to double only which was
> never the intention.
> Barry
> On Feb 6, 2014, at 6:31 AM, Åsmund Ervik <asmund.ervik at ntnu.no>
> wrote:
> Thanks guys. I tried master and it works as expected.
> However, I had to make a small change to my code when using 
> petsc-master. Previously I had
> call KSPSetTolerances(ksp,resid,PETSC_DEFAULT_DOUBLE_PRECISION, 
> but with petsc-master I got Error: Symbol
> 'petsc_default_double_precision' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type when
> compiling. For now I just hard-coded in the old defaults 10^-50 and
> 10^5. Is this due to an upcoming change in 3.5?
> Regards, Åsmund
> On 05. feb. 2014 15:35, Karl Rupp wrote:
>>>> Hi Åsmund,
>>>> this is not yet in the release, you need to use PETSc master
>>>> or PETSc next for the citation flag to work.
>>>> Best regards, Karli
>>>> On 02/05/2014 03:33 PM, Åsmund Ervik wrote: Good people of
>>>> PETSc,
>>>> I see on the internet 
>>>> (http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/documentation/referencing.html)
>>>> that one may use the flag "-citations file.bib" to a program
>>>> using PETSc to get some useful references e.g. for citing in
>>>> an article. However, this does nothing when I try it, and I
>>>> can't find any mention of this in the manual. Has this flag
>>>> been removed?
>>>> Best regards, Åsmund
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