[petsc-users] Aborting outer iterations when inner iterations reach maxits fieldsplit

James MBewu james.mbewu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 12:58:21 CST 2014

Hi all petsc gurus,

I am solving Navier Stokes equations using Q2-Q1 elements via libmesh and
using petsc fieldsplit schur complement etc for the solving I was wondering
whether it was possible to abort the outer iterations of the solver if the
inner solver reached a set maximum iterations. At the moment if I set the
maximum iterations of the inner solver, then once that is reached, the
outer iterations continue and another inner solve is performed. Essentially
I would like to say "I can't solve the inner problem so let's just give up
on the whole thing". Is there any (easy) way to do this?

Please advise, thanks,
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