[petsc-users] Compiling program with program files dependencies (SLEPC )

Steve Ndengue steve.ndengue at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 19:18:08 CDT 2014

Dear all,

I am having trouble compiling a code with some dependencies that shall 
call SLEPC.
The compilation however goes perfectly for the various tutorials and 
tests in the package.

A sample makefile looks like:


/default: code//
//routines: Rout1.o Rout2.o Rout3.o Module1.o//
//code: PgmPrincipal//
//sources=Rout1.f Rout2.f Rout3.f Module1.f90//
//objets=Rout1.o Rout2.o Rout3.o Module1.o Pgm//Principal//.o//
//%.o: %.f//
//        -${FLINKER} -c $<//
//Module1_mod.mod Module1.o: //Module1//.f90//
//        -${FLINKER} -c //Module1//.f90//
//include ${SLEPC_DIR}/conf/slepc_common//
//Pgm//Principal//: ${objets} chkopts//
//        -${FLINKER} -o $@ ${objets} ${SLEPC_LIB}//
//.PHONY: clean//
//        ${RM} *.o *.mod Pgm//Principal//

The code exits with Warning and error messages of the type:

*Warning: Pgm**Principal**.f90:880: Illegal preprocessor directive**
**Warning: Pgm**Principal**.f90:889: Illegal preprocessor directive**
**Warning: Pgm**Principal**.f90:892: Illegal preprocessor directive**
**Warning: Pgm**Principal**.f90:895: Illegal preprocessor directive*


*USE slepceps**
**                    1**
**Fatal Error: Can't open module file 'slepceps.mod' for reading at (1): 
No such file or directory

*I do not get these errors with the tests and errors files.



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