[petsc-users] petscfe_type opencl, variable_coefficient field

Karl Rupp rupp at iue.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Apr 22 05:03:44 CDT 2014

Hi David,

 > I'm trying to use
> -variable_coefficient field  with -petscfe_type opencl -mat_petscfe_type
>   opencl
> constant coefficients "-variable_coefficient none" works fine, but I am
> getting NaN in my residual vector for spatially varying coefficients.
> I tried changing N_t manually for N_comp_aux =1, also tried setting my
> variable coefficient field to a constant at each quadrature point to see
> if any difference.

This is - unfortunately - a known issue, where we currently don't know 
whether this is a race condition in the OpenCL kernel, or something goes 
wrong with the data setup. I expect this to require rather more 
elaborate debugging, so unfortunately I can only advise you to wait 
until this is fixed...

Best regards,

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