[petsc-users] Seeking an example for TS

Gautam Bisht gbisht at lbl.gov
Wed Oct 30 15:47:04 CDT 2013


I'm wondering if there is a TS example for a similar system:

d/dt [f(x)] = g(x)

For example, in PFLOTRAN, we have the following governing equation for
subsurface flow:

d/dt [ sat(P)*den(P)*por] = - g(P)

sat = saturation,
den = density,
por = porosity,
P = Pressure

PFLOTRAN uses SNES to solve the nonlinear system of equations that arises
from a backward Euler time discretization. I'm trying to seek guidance on
how one would go about reformulating PFLOTRAN's equations to use TS.

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