[petsc-users] question about LU decomposition of a conjugated matrix

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Nov 22 12:07:20 CST 2013

Michael Povolotskyi <mpovolot at purdue.edu> writes:

> Dear developers of Petsc and users,
> I have the following numerical problem.
> I need to solve the system Ax = B, where A is a square matrix, x and B 
> are rectangular matrix
> The system is solved by doing LU decomposition.

You can use MatLUFactor(), MatMatSolve().  There is no
MatMatSolveTranspose() at this time.

> In the next step I need to solve a system A'y = C, where A' is a complex 
> conjugate of A.
> My question: is it possible to reuse the LU decomposition of A for doing 
> this?

Not presently; you'd have to use MatHermitianTranspose() and refactor.
Support for reuse would not be very difficult to implement.
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