[petsc-users] Extracting data from a Petsc matrix

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jul 16 13:55:47 CDT 2013

Harshad Sahasrabudhe <hsahasra at purdue.edu> writes:

> 1) How should I start going about it?
> 2) How will I check-in the changes to Petsc?

Work in a branch and let us know where your fork is so we can comment on
it.  Early review will improve quality and save everyone time, so don't
try to do everything in private.


> 3) What version of Petsc will the changes be reflected in if I started
> working on it right now?

It will be in the next feature release after it is accepted.  So most
likely petsc-3.5.

> 4) How many hours does it generally take to get this done?  

Hours to days, depending on your familiarity with the packages.

> 5) How is the peer review done?

Pull requests are good for reviewing code.  General design discussions
should happen on petsc-dev, and can include patches.
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