[petsc-users] Expecting zeros in solution when A_{I, I} != 0 A_{I, J} = 0. where I!=J and B_I = 0.

Chung-Kan Huang ckhuangf at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 15:46:25 CDT 2012


I am solving a linear system A * X = B that sometime contains A_{I,I} != 0
A_{I,J} = 0. where I!=J and B_I = 0. so I would expect X_i to be perfect
zero not some tiny small value. The same linear system is solved by other
solvers but they gave zero for aforementioned situation even the system is
fair large to our applications. I have tried several configurations in
PETSc hoping that problem can be solved but all attempts failed. I wonder
if someone can give me some pointers that help to solve this issue. Thanks,



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