[petsc-users] Coupling HYPRE with PETSc for local grid refinement

Mark F. Adams mark.adams at columbia.edu
Mon Oct 8 14:04:12 CDT 2012

Alan, I have recently put PETSc in Chombo.  You seem to be thinking about at putting something like Chombo in PETSc.  Do you have an AMR code?

The BoxLib project from LBNL also has a PETSc interface.

I did not follow this whole thread but, and this was probably already stated, PETSc does not have an interface to HYPRE's block structured solvers (I don't think).  Also, HYPRE does not really do AMR; they do multi-block solvers, which amounts to much larger blocks.  Its not clear to me how appropriate their current solvers are for AMR.  Do you know?

That said, HYPRE is actively working with BoxLib on solvers and so I would expect HYPRE to have more AMR solver  functionality in the future, but that will not be available in PETSc for a long time (if ever).


On Oct 7, 2012, at 12:59 PM, Alan <zhenglun.wei at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Dr. Brown, 
>     I was trying to use PETSc to mimic something like Chombo. The figure in this website represents my thought very well.  (https://commons.lbl.gov/display/chombo/Chombo+-+Software+for+Adaptive+Solutions+of+Partial+Differential+Equations). My code simulates a flow over a objective, i.e. 2D cylinder. Finer resolution is needed near the objective. I can manually define where the finer resolution is needed.
>     BTW, I wonder if there is any examples for the Vec/Mat interface. Also, is there any examples for PETSc for GPU. 
> thanks,
> Alan
>> On Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 10:47 PM, Alan <zhenglun.wei at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Dr. Brown, 
>>      Thanks for your reply and sorry for confusing you. 
>>      I was trying to ask if there is an alternative way that I can replace the DMDACreate3d in /src/ksp/ksp/example/tutorials/ex45.c with something from outside of the PETSc (i.e. HYPRE). DMDACreate3d generates               a 3D Cartesian grid with uniform grid size. However, I'm trying to import a local refined grid from outside of the PETSc (i.e. HYPRE) to replace this 3D Cartesian grid with unifrom grid size. Is there any examples for me to refer?
>> Do we have automatic support for this? No. You could of course just use the Vec/Mat interface, but
>> it sounds like a lot of coding on your part. I plan to do this eventually by specifying the data layout over
>> the grid using PetscSection. However, the really important question here is, what do you need from the
>> grid? If you don't need topological queries, just make the Vec/Mat and be done with it. If you do (which
>> I imagine), then you need to be specific about what you need.
>>    Matt
>> thanks,
>> Alan
>>> Run any example with -pc_type hypre. I'm not sure what you're asking for.
>>> On Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 8:04 PM, Alan <zhenglun.wei at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Dear Folks,
>>> I hope you're having a nice day.
>>> I'm trying to couple HYPRE with PETSc in order to use PETSc solvers to
>>> obtain solutions (Poisson Equation) with local refined grid from HYPRE.
>>> Is there any examples in PETSc that I can refer? or is there any
>>> examples in PETSc which introduce such a way that the Matrix is imported
>>> from external software rather than generated by PETSc.
>>> thanks,
>>> Alan
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