[petsc-users] output after updating to petsc-3.3-p4 from p3

Randall Mackie rlmackie862 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 12:16:14 CST 2012

I just updated from patch level 3 to patch level 4, and after recompiling
and rerunning, I am getting output like the following:

[0]Total space allocated 1091174672 bytes
[ 0]48 bytes PetscObjectComposedDataIncreaseReal() line 170 in
      [0]  VecSet() line 494 in
      [0]  VecZeroEntries() line 1365 in
      [0]  PCApply_ASM() line 432 in
      [0]  PCApply() line 373 in
      [0]  PCApplyBAorAB() line 581 in
      [0]  KSPSolve_BCGS() line 54 in
      [0]  KSPSolve() line 351 in


This must be something new in patch level 4, but what is this and how can
it be turned off?


Randy M.
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