[petsc-users] CPU utilization during GPU solver

David Fuentes fuentesdt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 09:50:38 CST 2012


I'm using petsc 3.3p4
I'm trying to run a nonlinear SNES solver on GPU with gmres and jacobi PC
using VECSEQCUSP and MATSEQAIJCUSP datatypes for the rhs and jacobian
matrix respectively.
When running top I still see significant CPU utilization (800-900 %CPU)
during the solve ? possibly from some multithreaded operations ?

Is this expected ?
I was thinking that since I input everything into the solver as a CUSP
datatype, all linear algebra operations would be on the GPU device from
there and wasn't expecting to see such CPU utilization during the solve ?
Do I probably have an error in my code somewhere ?

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