[petsc-users] Wrapping PetscFPrintf

Dominik Szczerba dominik at itis.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 12 01:16:25 CST 2012

> They'll be okay as _static_ class functions. I wasn't aware that va_list doesn't work properly from a member function, but it does modify the calling sequence.

Indeed. The problem was that the functions had to be virtual, so no
static possible in C++.

> It could be compiler-dependent. C++ is not my favorite language.

I am really curious, what is your favorite language?

> PetscSynchronizedVFPrintf is missing, but should be added.
> (...)
> There is actually an implementation issue.

It is possible that I will have to resolve it (by contributing code),
and therefore I may soon come back for some more pointers.


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