[petsc-users] How to use multigrid?

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Sincerely thank you for your advices. Thanks Matthew, too. I will try my best.


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>>By the way, as a graduate student, I find that it is difficult to write a paper just using PETSc
>>to deal with a large problem. Because it seems that there is no an innovative idea by just using
>>the available things.

>Reimplementing an existing method is not new either. Now there are many papers that reimplement existing methods under a new name, without citing its >existing use, and usually with less rigorous analysis than earlier work. This is caused either by stubborn ignorance or intentional deception. It's not science >and only survives due to negligent reviewers.

>Creating genuinely new methods that solve meaningful problems and work better than existing methods is Hard. To start with, it's important to understand >the capabilities and limitations of existing methods. Unless your intended research area is pretty focused, expect to read at least 1000 papers and write >dozens of experimental codes. You might be able to rely on your advisor to accelerate this process, but advisors are not always right.
>>It is also not easy to get something new based on the src of PETSc.

>If you work in an application area, focus on the modeling and method components specific to your problem. Build the special ingredients using PETSc and >let the library do the rest of the work. Better understanding of methods will help you do this faster and in more powerful ways.
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