[petsc-users] improving efficiency of matrix multiplication by calling BLAS directly

Ganesh Hegde ghegde at purdue.edu
Thu Nov 8 21:10:09 CST 2012

I have an application where I am multiplying several large, complex PETSc
matrices (that could be sparse) with each other.
This happens often enough during program execution that I am interested in
looking for optimal solutions to this.
The usual algorithm followed is initializing a PETSc matrix with the
required dimensionality and specifying the sparsity pattern.
They're then multiplied with each other.
So my questions are as follows:
1) Could specifying a matrix as full instead of sparse improve speed by
reducing overhead involved in processing sparse matrices?
2) If not, should BLAS routines be called directly from the code instead of
PETSc calling them, to improve performance?
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