[petsc-users] Fwd: error messages while updating petsc-dev

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 8 13:03:37 CST 2012

On Thu, 8 Nov 2012, Zhenglun (Alan) Wei wrote:

> Dear folks,
>     I came across an error while making a code:
>  makefile:7: *** missing separator. Stop.
>     This happens after I was tying to update the petsc-dev with some error
> message; the configure.log, error.log and make.log are attached. I've already
> sent it to petsc-maint list. Is this makefile error related to the fail
> update?

     This is a Mercurial clone
        Defined "VERSION_HG" to ""85e6055943e0711fccdec2d08caeba48971d3d55""
        Defined "VERSION_DATE_HG" to ""Fri Sep 23 14:46:14 2011 -0700""
        Defined "VERSION_BS_HG" to ""e9fd775ab2bf270a9204f7cbc33603292ac5b1d8""
        Defined "VERSION_BS_DATE_HG" to ""Fri Sep 16 17:33:47 2011 +0200""

You don't have the latest petsc-dev. Can you pull the latest petsc-dev and retry?


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