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My previous post gave a completely wrong meaning I guess, with a
missing punctuation.

Matt, you got it right. I wanted to know how do I deal with the ghost
cells arising from the physical domain, when I am using an
unstructured grid. Since DA works with structured grids only, as far
as I understood.


Are you saying that you have an unstructured grid with ghost cells, and you
would like PETSc to produce
a Vec of the correct size and Mat with the correct preallocation for that
grid and discretization, just as DA
does for structured grids?



On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Arun Kamath <arun.kamath.m at
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>* Hi!*>* I am working with a CFD code  where I need to solve the Poisson Pressure*>* equation. We solve a two phase flow problem which results in a jump in the*>* coefficients and a non symmetric system.*>**>* The boundary conditions are fulfilled using immersed boundary method ghost*>* cells at the solid boundaries of the domain.*>* I read about the DAs to deal with the boundary conditions, but they are*>* applicable to only "IJK" matrices as per my understanding.*>* So when I am using the "Aij" (CSR) matrix, how would you suggest I deal*>* with the ghost cells of the physical domain while forming the matrix and*>* the vector?*>**

>* Thanks a lot.*>* --*>* Arun Kamath*>* PhD Stipendiat*>* NTNU, Trondheim*>**>

Arun Kamath
PhD Stipendiat
NTNU, Trondheim
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