[petsc-users] request suggestions for most appropriate eigenvalue solver

Giacomo Mulas gmulas at oa-cagliari.inaf.it
Wed May 16 06:44:37 CDT 2012

On Wed, 16 May 2012, Jose E. Roman wrote:

> Currently there is no way to do this. But we have had a couple of similar
> requests before.  We are now reorganizing parts of code within SLEPc, so I
> will think if it is viable to provide a solution for this.  I will get
> back to you.

Great, thanks! I am more than willing to do testing and/or some coding, as
far as I can help. I am a physicist, not a mathematician superexpert in
theoretical numerical analysis nor a computer scientist. However, I am good
enough at C programming, and extremely (un)lucky in finding ways to trigger
obscure, difficult to hit bugs in code paths which not many other people 

Bye, let me know.


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