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Thu May 3 12:28:26 CDT 2012

Dear Matt,

> > Currently I am planning to use Petsc Krylov solver for implicit time
> > integration of my CFD code. I need some pointer on the implementation. I
> am
> > providing a detailed list of things I am not very clear with in both the
> > documentation and the mailing list archives.
> >
> > --> The equations to be solved is of the form :  [ I / \delta t + J ]
> \delta
> > U^n = - R[ U^n ]
> >
> > --> The Jacobian J is hard to evaluate exactly and hence we use the
> finite
> > difference method to evaluate J. I want to use a matrix-free approach so
> > all I need is the action of this J on some vector v.
> >
> > --> Jv = \frac{\partial R}{\partial U}v = ( R[ U^n + hv ] - R[ U^] ) / h,
> > h is some parameter. Since I is identity matrix and \delta t is fixed
> this
> > diagonal matrix is trivial to evaluate. Thus [ I / \delta t + J ] is
> > available as a user define function in my solver.
> >
> > 1) Vector U^n is from an unstructured node distribution and is
> partitioned
> > outside of Petsc. I have both the global indexing and local indexing
> > information along with the ghost node information.
> > 2) I have already defined functions to move data across the ghost nodes
> > given the local variable address and memory stride/offset information.
> > 3) In Jacobian-vector Jv evaluation, one has to exchange the ghost cell
> > values of vector v with adjacent processor before the calculation is
> done.
> > 4) I can write the Jacobian-vector Jv evaluation function to perform
> ghost
> > node exchange before evaluation but I am not clear as to how I can
> > interface my local arrays and local / global indexing information into
> > Petsc.
> > 5) I understand that I have to create a Matrix Shell for the matrix free
> > method and define my user-defined function to evaluate the matrix-vector
> > product given an input vector. But it is not clear as to how Petsc
> > understands how I order my vectors locally and how that corresponds to
> the
> > global indexes.
> > 6) I cannot use the DA object as it is for structured/contiguous
> > partitioning .i.e., the local indices don't correspond to contiguous
> global
> > ordering/indexing.
> > 7) I also don't want to use the unstructured mesh and decomposition
> > routines in Petsc and I already have my own.
> >
> > Can this be done in Petsc ?
> >
> Yes, there are ??? parts:
>  1) You want to manage unstructured data yourself. The easiest way to do
> this now is to implement a DM. You just need to provide
>      routines for making global and local vectors (you have this), and
> routines for mapping between them (you have this). You will have
>      to use petsc-dev, but this definitely looks like the easiest thing to
> do.

Thanks for the reply.

>     a) If you consider using part of our infrastructure, you can build a
> PetscSection and a PetscSF, and everything else will be automatically
>         calculated. These are very new things, so there is not a lot of
> documentation, and thus you might prefer to do the whole DM yourself.
Most of the tutorial slides point out that DM is for structured arrays
(maybe this mislead me). Can you point me to the functions that i would
have to use to create

1) DM array ghost cells
2) Local/Global indexing
3) DM array exchange

It would be nice you can share some code snippet on writing our own DM's.

 2) You want to do matrix-free action of your Jacobian. This is easy using
> MatShell, however the real question is How will you precondition that
>       equation?

Currently I use the Jacobi diagonal preconditioner. I use the largest
spectral radius of my Euler equations \lambda = U + a. BTW I actually have
implemented my own parallel Krylov solver for my CFD code using the
algorithm in Yousuf Saad's book. But my advisor urged me to use Petsc so
that I would be able to use the various pre-conditioners in Petsc and the
code would run more faster/optimal. I have not written my Krylov solver

So is there is no way I can use preconditioning in matrix-free context in
Petsc ?



Pavanakumar Mohanamuraly
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