[petsc-users] Interations increase with parallelism

tibo at berkeley.edu tibo at berkeley.edu
Tue May 1 17:20:38 CDT 2012

Dear petsc users,

I am solving large systems of non linear PDEs. To do so, the most
expensive operation is to solve linear systems Ax=b, where A is block
tridiagonal. To do so, I am using petsc.

A is created using MatCreateMPIAIJ and x and b using VecCreateMPI, and I
do not modify default parameters of the KSP context for now (ie the Krylov
method is GMRES and the preconditioner method is ILU(0) if I use 1
processor - sequential matrix - and Block Jacobi with ILU(0) for each
sub-block if I use more than 1 processor).

For any number n of processors used, I do get the correct result. However,
it seems that the more processors I have, the more iterations are done on
each linear solve (n = 1 gives about 1-2 iterations per solve, n = 2 gives
8-12 iterations per solve, n = 4 gives 15-20 iterations per solve).

While I can understand the difference between n = 1 and n = 2, since the
preconditioning method changes from ILU(0) to Block Jacobi, I don't
understand why this is the case from n = 2 to 4 for example, since it
seems to me that the method used to solve Ax=b will be the same (although
the partitioning is different) and so the operations will be the same,
even though there will be more communication.

My first question is then: Is this normal behavior or am I probably wrong
somewhere ?

Also, since the increase in the number of iterations more than offsets the
decrease in time spent solving the system when n increase, my program runs
slower with an increasing number of processors, which is the opposite of
what is desired...Would you have suggestions as what I could change to
correct this ?

I would be happy to provide more details about the problem/datastructures
used if needed,

thank you for your help,


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