[petsc-users] ML - zero pivot error

Benjamin Sanderse B.Sanderse at cwi.nl
Tue Jul 17 10:38:55 CDT 2012

The first one works, thanks.

Op 17 jul 2012, om 14:39 heeft Jed Brown het volgende geschreven:

> On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 7:07 AM, Benjamin Sanderse <B.Sanderse at cwi.nl> wrote:
> The two processor case does not reach far enough that ksp_view gives me output. The one processor case gives me the output below.
> I also added -mg_levels_pc_factor_shift_type nonzero, but still with the same error.
> -mg_coarse_redundant_pc_factor_shift_type nonzero
> Or use -mg_coarse_pc_type svd and forget about it (provided the coarsest grid is not too big).

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