[petsc-users] VECMPICUSP with ghosted vector

Fredrik Heffer Valdmanis fredva at ifi.uio.no
Mon Feb 6 08:33:23 CST 2012


In FEniCS, we use ghosted vectors for parallel computations, with the


As I am integrating the new GPU-based vectors and matrices in FEniCS, I
want the ghosted vectors to be of type VECMPICUSP. I have tried to do this
by calling VecSetType after creating the vector, but that
makes VecGhostGetLocalForm give an error.

Is it possible to set the type to be mpicusp when using ghost vectors,
without changing much of the code? If so, how?

If not, how would you recommend I proceed to work with mpicusp vectors in
this context?


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