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On 02/02/2012 15:23, Jed Brown wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 13:03, gouarin <loic.gouarin at math.u-psud.fr 
> <mailto:loic.gouarin at math.u-psud.fr>> wrote:
>     It seems that I have forgotten to initialize DMSetInitialGuess,
>     DMSetFunction, DMSetJacobian.
>     I don't understand what is the best way to use 4Q1-Q1 elements for
>     the Stokes problem:
> src/ksp/ksp/examples/tutorials/ex43.c (2D) and ex42.c (3D) use these 
> elements for variable-viscosity Stokes.
No. In those examples, you have the same grid for the velocity and the 
pressure. If I use 4Q1_Q1 elements, I have not the same grid. I have one 
for the velocity and an other for the pressure in the DMComposite. And 
for me, it is the difficulty because as you say after, I have to do my 
own preallocation step to have the good off-diagonal blocks.

This is why I asked what is the best way to construct my matrix. I hoped 
that now it is not necessary to do this preallocation. This is also a 
difficulty to use a multigrid only on the velocity.


>     - Construct the matrices for each DM in the DMComposite
>     - Construct the global matrix and the global preconditioner
>     - Use MatNest
> DMComposite can allocate for AIJ or Nest. Just set the matrix type, 
> e.g. -dm_mat_type nest, ex28.c does this (see runex28_3).
> But preallocation for off-diagonal blocks (of MatNest or AIJ) is still 
> messy and I haven't figured out a good API other than to write an 
> efficient dynamic preallocation to make it unnecessary. A lot of users 
> like Jacobian-free Newton-Krylov with the true Jacobian applied by 
> finite differencing (-snes_mf_operator) in which case the current code 
> is fine because we only assemble diagonal blocks.
>     There are a lot of possibilities with PETSc with new add-ons and
>     it is difficult to find our way with only the documentation.

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