[petsc-users] Ghost communication

Milan Mitrovic milanm at student.ethz.ch
Thu Jun 23 11:29:34 CDT 2011

I thought at some point that I maybe have the order of the arguments wrong...

The first few lines in particles_dcop_apply_petsc are:

          ! get ghosted versions of vectors
          CALL VecGhostGetLocalForm(from,xl,info)
          CALL VecSet(to,0.0_MK,info)
          ! get arrays from petsc vectors
          CALL VecGetArray(xl,xx,xxi,info)
          CALL VecGetArray(to,yy,yyi,info)

          CALL VecGetLocalSize(xl,xxn,info)
          CALL VecGetLocalSize(to,yyn,info)

and its closed with:

          ! release petsc arrays
          CALL VecRestoreArray(xl,xx,xxi,info)
          CALL VecRestoreArray(to,yy,yyi,info)
          ! release local form of vectors
          CALL VecGhostRestoreLocalForm(from,xl,info)

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