[petsc-users] Ghost communication

Milan Mitrovic milan.v.mitrovic at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 09:58:13 CDT 2011

Well, I found where the problem is. I wanted to us KSP to solve a
system for which I created a matrix-free matrix, and I provide the
MatMult method. I created the vectors the same way I showed before,
but when I ran KSPSolve I found that the ghost communication did not
happen automatically during the solve. So I tried to add it to the
multiplication method and it did not work. Thats when I sent the
e-mail... But I found out in the meantime that when I call
MatMult(A,b,x,info) the communication does take place!

So I guess my real question is how should I get KSPSolve to update the
ghosts while solving a system? (before or after every multiplication)

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