[petsc-users] Error for ilu

Shri abhyshr at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 21 14:19:12 CDT 2011

Thanks for the patch. I tried to run the code but it spews an error 

Undefined symbols: 
"MatMFFDSetBase_MFFD(_p_Mat*, _p_Vec*, _p_Vec*)", referenced from: 
MatAssemblyEnd_SNESMF(_p_Mat*, MatAssemblyType) in libpetsc.a(snesmfj.o) 
_MatMFFDSetBase_SNESMF in libpetsc.a(snesmfj.o) 

make test is also giving the same error 
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On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 20:02, Shri < abhyshr at mcs.anl.gov > wrote: 

The error message is indeed confusing. Perhaps a better error message would be 'Cannot use -pc_type ilu with mumps'. 

Did you try with the patch I pushed 45 minutes ago? 

[0]PETSC ERROR: No support for this operation for this object type! 
[0]PETSC ERROR: Matrix type seqaij symbolic ILU using solver package mumps! 

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