[petsc-users] best PETSC solver for long nozzles

Stephen Wornom stephen.wornom at inria.fr
Sat Jan 29 04:26:40 CST 2011

Geometry: Tube with L/D is >> 1
-Unstructured partitioned mesh with 500K vertices globally.
-The tube wall is heated, thus solution evolves in the x-direction.
-X is the dominant  flow direction.
-Seek steady solution using the time advancing scheme with a low Mach 
number preconditionner.
*Question*: Which *PETSC* solver would give the best convergence? 
My present solver  does not  take into consideration that the flow has a 
dominant flow direction (x).
Thus the convergence is very slow,  30000 time steps using 64-processors 
with a CFLmax= 50 applied in each cell. At 15000 time steps the 0-L/2 
portion of the tube is converged with an additional 15000 time steps 
needed to converge the L/2-L part of the tube.

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