[petsc-users] PaStix is slower in pestc-dev

Xiangdong Liang xdliang at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 00:05:15 CST 2011

Hello PETSc team,

I was using PaStiX within petsc 3.1-p8. Today, I am trying PaStiX
within petsc-dev. However, For the same code, solving the same linear
system takes longer time (120s vs 90s) in petsc-dev. Both are compiled
with debugging mode off. Is it possible that the newer PaStiX is
slower than old version? or due to some options in compiling?


PS. I cannot use PaStiX in 3.2 because in the runtime, PaStiX crashed
due to missing of the option -DWITHSCOTCH during compiling. It was
reported before by one user and fixed in petsc-dev, but not in


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