[petsc-users] Parallel assembly of matrix using OpenMP

Jed Brown jed at 59A2.org
Tue Nov 23 05:15:02 CST 2010

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 10:32, Clemens Domanig
<clemens.domanig at uibk.ac.at>wrote:

> I'm writing a FEM-program and at the moment I try to parallize the assembly
> of the stiffness-matrix. The idea would be if I for example use 4 threads I
> create 4 matrices and 4 rhs-vectors. Each thread fills its matrix and
> rhs-vector. At the end I add all matrices and vectors.

Adding sparse matrices together is a relatively expensive operation, usually
more expensive than assembling the matrix you wanted in the first place.

> But the Petsc-manual says that Petsc is not thread-safe.

There is a minor issue of some logging functions that are not thread safe.
 Wrapping locks around some of those operations would not be a huge deal,
but hasn't been done.

> Is that the reason why it doesn't work?

The matrix data structures cannot cheaply be mutated in a thread-safe way.
 We would either need fine-grained locks which have more overhead, and are
very tricky when the user does not preallocate correctly (requiring
"rollback" logic), or a coarse-grained lock for the whole MatSetValues.  If
you want to do multi-threaded assembly, you should just put your own lock
around your call to MatSetValues.  As long as your physics does some work
(e.g. is a bit more than a linear constant-coefficient problem on affine
elements), this can work fine for a few threads, usually 8-16 or so, before
serialization of MatSetValues becomes a bottleneck.

Note that you can also use multiple MPI processes to keep your cores busy,
there have been a few discussions on this list, and petsc-dev, about the
relative merits of threads versus processes.  If you tell us a bit about
your problem, we may be able to predict how each will perform.  This helps
to assess the importance of making PETSc thread-safe and making certain
kernels perform well with threads, relative to other features.

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