[petsc-users] GPU questions

SUN Chun Chun.SUN at 3ds.com
Wed Nov 17 09:48:38 CST 2010

Hi PETSc developers,

I have some questions regarding GPGPU support in PETSc. Sorry if these questions are redundant, I didn't browse the dev code too carefully...

1.  The only example I can find is tutorial/ex47. Is there a plan to provide more examples involving KSP with, say, simple Jacobi PC? I thought KSP is supported but PC is not.

2. Would you please comment on the difficulty in supporting PCs? Like ILU, SSOR.... Would you please also comment on the difficulty in supporting external libraries such as ML?

3. I noticed (might be wrong), MatMult in CUDA is implemented in such a way that we copy the lhs and rhs to GPU each time before we do MatVec. I understand that you may have to do this to ensure MatMult being robust, but I'm worried about performance. Is it possible, say, like in KSP, we keep the lhs and intermediate results on the GPU side? 

4. Any performance data on Tesla/Fermi card? I saw from the webpage  you only have Tesla card?

5. Is there a roadmap, a plan, a timeline..., regarding PETSc and nVidia's collaboration for a final fully GPGPU compatible PETSc?

Thanks a lot for your time!

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