[petsc-users] kronecker products

Benjamin Sanderse B.Sanderse at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 4 10:18:54 CDT 2010

I am not sure if I understand you correctly. During initialization, several matrices are formed by kronecker products, and the resulting matrices have the size of the number of unknowns; i.e. if n is the number of unknowns then the matrices are n x n, although they typically have only a*n nonzero elements, with a around 10-20.
After initialization a time loop starts in which these matrices are used for matrix-vector products (e.g. to calculate a first or second derivative) and things like CG or Multigrid are used to solve a number of matrix-vector equations (e.g. a Poisson equation for the pressure). This is repeated each time step.

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> Some matrices are just used to compute matrix-vector products, and some
> have to be solved for. That's basically it.
> The matrices are really very sparse; on the order of 10-20 diagonals
> (typically independent of problem size).
> As far as I know, reordering is hardly necessary, because I am using a
> structured grid.

What are the relative sizes of each piece?  How are you producing these
matrices?  How do you want the vector distributed?


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