[petsc-users] valgrind errors.

(Rebecca) Xuefei YUAN xy2102 at columbia.edu
Mon Jan 18 15:32:22 CST 2010

Dear Jed,

I got some origins, but I still do not understand what is going on here?

Here is a piece of uninitialised value from

==9725== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==9725==    at 0x86EFB20: dnrm2_ (dnrm2.f:46)
==9725==    by 0x857ECB1: VecNorm_Seq (bvec2.c:60)
==9725==    by 0x8556C5B: VecNormBegin (comb.c:507)
==9725==    by 0x80BCE2D: SNESSolve_LS (ls.c:164)
==9725==    by 0x809E6E3: SNESSolve (snes.c:2221)
==9725==    by 0x80B71E4: DMMGSolveSNES (damgsnes.c:510)
==9725==    by 0x80B0A23: DMMGSolve (damg.c:372)
==9725==    by 0x8050E41: Solve (twgcqt2unffnidgp.c:580)
==9725==    by 0x804DBE0: main (twgcqt2unffnidgp.c:288)
==9725==  Uninitialised value was created by a heap allocation
==9725==    at 0x4022BF3: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:195)
==9725==    by 0x8628840: PetscMallocAlign (mal.c:40)
==9725==    by 0x862992F: PetscTrMallocDefault (mtr.c:194)
==9725==    by 0x8583503: VecCreate_Seq (bvec2.c:809)
==9725==    by 0x8569F43: VecSetType (vecreg.c:54)
==9725==    by 0x858E01B: VecCreateSeq (vseqcr.c:40)
==9725==    by 0x821F345: DACreateLocalVector (dalocal.c:82)
==9725==    by 0x825E26C: DMCreateLocalVector (dm.c:115)
==9725==    by 0x821F7FF: DMGetLocalVector (dalocal.c:139)
==9725==    by 0x8055EBD: FormFunction (twgcqt2unffnidgp.c:1033)
==9725==    by 0x80953E8: SNESComputeFunction (snes.c:1016)
==9725==    by 0x80BCD06: SNESSolve_LS (ls.c:159)

What would it mean by "Uninitialised value was created by a heap allocation"?

Thanks a lot!


Quoting Jed Brown <jed at 59A2.org>:

> On Mon, 18 Jan 2010 15:33:21 -0500, "(Rebecca) Xuefei YUAN"   
> <xy2102 at columbia.edu> wrote:
>> Dear Jed,
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> However, there was an error message for this option:
> It was introduced in valgrind-3.4.0 (and it's worth upgrading just for
> this feature).
> Jed

(Rebecca) Xuefei YUAN
Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Columbia University

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