[petsc-users] Merge two MATMPIAIJ into one

Vasia Kalavri vasoula_emp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 11 12:38:46 CST 2010

I could use some help regarding the following issues:

1. I have created 2 structurally identical MATMPIJ matrices A1 and A2 with N rows and M columns. I want to merge them in order to create a matrix of the double size A3 with 2*N rows and M columns so that the first row of A2 will be the N+1-th row of the new matrix. Is there any function I could use to do this?

2. Is there a way to split a matrix after its values have been set by 1 process? What I have done is to create a MATMPIJ and make that process send the data to the other processes in order to get the distributed matrix. But I hope there is a smarter way to do this!

Any idea is welcome,
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