[petsc-users] external solvers

Umut Tabak u.tabak at tudelft.nl
Thu Feb 25 08:34:06 CST 2010

Barry Smith wrote:
>    General purpose iterative methods are likely to be useless for this 
> type of problem. How large are the problems you wish to solve? If less 
> then a few million I'd stick to direct methods like MUMPS.  
Say, 5e4 to 1e5.

This is also the conclusion, I got from the tests and extensive reading 
I have done in the last days. The only hope was to be able to espace 
from the factorizations by using iterative methods.

Simple MATLAB type tests were giving pretty promising results for a 
method that I was trying to develop(with the backslash, expensive 
however). And it was an idea whether there can be improvement with 
iterative methods and preconditioning or not(being aware of the facts 
about the conditioning issues), Thanks again.

Best regards,

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