[petsc-users] external solvers

Umut Tabak u.tabak at tudelft.nl
Thu Feb 25 07:53:33 CST 2010

Jed Brown wrote:
> I misunderstood since you were trying direct solvers like MUMPS (which
> many people run under -ksp_type preonly).
Dear Jed,

Thanks first of all. I gave a try to direct solvers just to see how they 
are performing...
> Normally this shift is only applied as needed within the preconditioner.
> So you have L*L' ~= A+D where D is diagonal (but not usually a multiple
> of the identity).  Since the iterative method still uses A, you should
> still converge to the correct answer, but it may be slow if D ended up
> being large.  One interesting idea that Barry suggested a while back is
> to do a first-order Taylor expansion of inv(A) in terms of inv(A+D),
> something like
>     A^{-1} = (A+D-D)^{-1} (A+D) (A+D)^{-1}
>            = [(A+D)^{-1} (A+D-D)]^{-1} (A+D)^{-1}
>            = [I - (A+D)^{-1} D]^{-1} (A+D)^{-1}
>           ~= [I + (A+D)^{-1} D] (A+D)^{-1}
> I haven't tried this, but I'd like to hear if it helps.
An interesting idea, worth trying, and let the list know about that. 
That is clear now, the shift is used for the preconditioner.
> Is this producing negative eigenvalues?  CG and (incomplete) Cholesky
> assume that the system is positive definite, if your system is
> indefinite, then you will have to investigate other options.
Unfortunately, in some kind of iteration loop where I update the 
operator matrix and rhs, sometimes eigenvalues might be negative the 
first ones, which screws up things...

I am pretty happy that experts are around ;)

Best regards,

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