[petsc-users] choosing a preconditioner

Richard Tran Mills rmills at climate.ornl.gov
Sat Feb 20 09:34:01 CST 2010

For domain decomposition, I'd also recommend Barry's book (co-authored with 
Bjorstad and Gropp), "Domain Decomposition: Parallel Multilevel Methods for 
Elliptic Partial Differential Equations".  Google it and you'll find a preview 
in Google Books.


Matthew Knepley wrote:
> The unfortunate part of the word "preconditioner" is that it is about as 
> precise as "justice".
> All good preconditioners are problem specific. That said, my quick 
> suggestions are:
> Block box PCs: Yousef Saad's "Iterative Methods etc." is a good overview
> MG: Bill Brigg's "Multigrid Tutorial" is good, and so is "Multigrid..." 
> by Wesseling
> Domain Decomp: Widlund and Tosseli's Title I can't remember is good
> but most really good PCs come from special solutions, linearizations, 
> frozen terms,
> recognizing strong vs. weak coupling, etc.
>    Matt

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