[petsc-users] parallel ILU

Craig Tanis craig-tanis at utc.edu
Tue Feb 16 13:46:22 CST 2010

>> On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:45:21 -0500, Craig Tanis <craig-tanis at utc.edu> wrote:
>>> It is possible to do ILU-k preconditioning on an MPI matrix, right?
>> Note that ILU (regardless of fill) scales very poorly, so it really only
>> makes sense on a small number of cores, and even then, only if you can't
>> find anything else that works.  As Matt says, build with Hypre, then
>>  -pc_type hypre -pc_hypre_type euclid -pc_hypre_euclid_levels k
>> Jed
>  Also note that there is no support for BAIJ matrices. It is only a "scalar" ILU, not one that works on little blocks.
>    Barry

could you clarify this?  i'm running the euclid preconditioner on a mpibaij matrix, and  I get no errors or warnings.  a ksp_view verifies that things are configured as expected.  


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