[petsc-users] parallel ILU

Craig Tanis craig-tanis at utc.edu
Mon Feb 15 11:45:21 CST 2010

I'm trying to get ILU(k) preconditioning to work with an MPIBAIJ matrix.  It appears that I need to use an MPIAIJ matrix and that I also need to build petsc with the blocksolve95 interface (though some google searches suggest that this was removed in Petsc 2?).

1) Should I be able to replace a call to  MatCreateMPIBAIJ with a sequence of  MatCreateMPIAIJ and MatSetBlockSize?

2) Is blocksolve95 still necessary, and if so where can one download it?  It appears to have moved from it's original location on the mcs.anl.gov site.

It is possible to do ILU-k preconditioning on an MPI matrix, right?

Craig Tanis

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