[petsc-users] Why am I not getting the parallel running?

Li, Zhisong (lizs) lizs at mail.uc.edu
Mon Apr 19 12:28:15 CDT 2010


I think this is a beginner's question, but still hope someone can help me out.

I've tried to run some PETSc examples and my own simple PETSc codes on my office's cluster as well as on Ohio Supercomputer Center's machine. At first I found no speedup for parallel processing and later I noticed by checking the rank that actually each node is doing the same sequential processing. I'm sure the codes are parallel codes (such as ex19.c in SNES and ex7.c in TS tutorial codes). Is there anything I am missing in the installation or the run command such as"mpiexec -n 3 ex7"? How can I realize a parallel running?

BTW, is it okay to ask questions here on a specific PETSc tutorial code?

Thank you very much!


Zhisong Li

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