[petsc-users] PaStiX does not work

Gong Ding gdiso at ustc.edu
Tue Apr 6 19:04:08 CDT 2010

Dear Petsc developer,

I found a problem that PASTIX solver can not be loaded from PETSC, even for 3.1 version.

When I use following code, the ksp_view told me that PC is ilu. And the snes solver can not convergence at all.   

ierr = KSPSetType (ksp, (char*) KSPPREONLY); assert(!ierr);//it seems PaStiX don't work with KSPPREONLY
ierr = PCSetType  (pc, (char*) PCLU);          
ierr = PCFactorSetMatSolverPackage (pc, MAT_SOLVER_PASTIX); assert(!ierr);

Is it a bug or I made something wrong?

Gong Ding

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