Parallel graph coloring heuristics to color large-scale general jacobian matrices

Rafael Santos Coelho rafaelsantoscoelho at
Thu Sep 24 13:41:04 CDT 2009

Hello, Barry,

thanks for your reply, it has surely made things way more clear for me now.

I believe I'm going to stick with strategy # 2 (writing my own
MyMatFDColoringCreate, etc) because, to me, it sounds simpler, since I'm on
a tight time schedule right now and that I'm quite knowledgeable about how
things go inside the SNES (two years dealing with nonlinear problems in
PETSc finally paid off) and the MatFDColoring modules. Plus, using my own
data structures would be of great help to me as well, given that it took me
a considerable amount of time to design them efficiently.

And I would gladly contribute my coding effort to PETSc if my routine proves
to be more efficient and flexible. :-)

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