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> Matthew Knepley wrote:
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>>    Hi,
>>    I am just wondering if anything has changed on the status of this
>>    feature. Would be great to be able to perform matrix vector
>>    multiplications on complex Hermitian matrices by only providing
>>    one half of the matrix.
>> It is not curently in the todo list since we have only had one request. It
>> seems like it would just take being careful about the
>> complex case for SBAIJ if you would like the try the implementation. We
>> can answer questions.
>>  Thanks for you rapid response. I would be interested in attempting to
> implement this for MPIAIJ if it would not be too involved. Would you be able
> to sketch a rough outline of what this would involve? Would I need to just
> modify the MatMult_MPIAIJ function or would I need to modify the creation of
> the scatterers in MatAssemblyBegin_MPIAIJ?
> Could anyone suggest some documentation that describes how the matrix
> vector multiplication works in petsc for MPIAIJ typed matrices?
> Does matrix vector multiplication with just the upper half work for real
> symmetric matrices?

1) Understand the SBAIJ implementation. This is used for real symmetric

2) In the places where the lower triangle is retrieved, add a complex


> Regards,
> Niall.
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