memory reporting question

Matt Funk mafunk at
Thu Sep 17 18:04:09 CDT 2009


I am wondering whether the -memory_info option and the 
PetscMemoryGetMaximumUsage() call report different things.

The reason i am asking is because i call the PetscMemoryGetCurrentUsage fcn in 
my code and it shows:

At the end of the run the -memory_info option reports:
max process malloc()'ed: 4.00524e+08
max petsc malloc()'ed: 1.15254e+08.

So i am a little confused by those numbers unless the fcn call is the more 
complete picture (as said on the manual page)

I guess then my question is whether the -memory_info corresponds to the 
PetscMalloc* fcns?

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