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Dave May dave.mayhem23 at
Wed Sep 16 14:55:04 CDT 2009

  I'm trying to use DMMG to solve linear Stokes flow discretised with finite
Does anyone know how to specify different matrices for the matrix associated
with the linear system and the matrix used to construct the preconditioner?
Ie, like choosing a different Amat and Bmat with KSPSetOperators().

In looking at DMMGSetKSP(), I don't see how this is possible. DMMG seems to
generate the operator B via DMGetMatrix(), and then sets J equal to B. A
dirty hack around the problem seemed to be to used PCDMMG, but I think I
should be able to define different A and B mat's with DMMG directly.

I also noted that PCDMMG does not appear to be a registered PC
implementation in petsc 3.

Thanks in advance,
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