Question about -log_summary option

Nguyen, Hung V ERDC-ITL-MS Hung.V.Nguyen at
Wed Oct 28 14:12:45 CDT 2009


When running with -log_summary option, I got the information about Flops/sec
as below. My question is whether Petsc does counting floating-point
operations for the whole application codes or only part with petsc?



u/hvnguyen/adh_dev/ADH_petsc_Anod/bin/adh on a cray-xt-p named nid00525 with
32 processors, by Unknown Thu Oct  8 02:59:49 2009
Using Petsc Release Version 3.0.0, Patch 2, Wed Jan 14 22:57:05 CST 2009

                         Max       Max/Min        Avg      Total
Time (sec):           4.609e+03      1.00002   4.609e+03
Objects:              4.770e+02      1.00000   4.770e+02
Flops:                1.691e+12      1.38465   1.524e+12  4.875e+13
Flops/sec:            3.669e+08      1.38464   3.305e+08  1.058e+10
MPI Messages:         8.104e+06     15.98588   3.103e+06  9.930e+07
MPI Message Lengths:  1.667e+10     12.62135   2.618e+03  2.600e+11
MPI Reductions:       2.008e+04      1.00000

Flop counting convention: 1 flop = 1 real number operation of type
                            e.g., VecAXPY() for real vectors of length N -->
2N flops
                            and VecAXPY() for complex vectors of length N -->
8N flops

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