Does PETSc have some functions like A.*B, A./B in Matlab?

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Wed Oct 28 11:39:44 CDT 2009

abhyshr at wrote:
> If A and B are vectors, then you can use VecPointwiseMult for A.*B and VecPointwiseDivide for A./B.
> For matrices,pointwise multiplication and division functions are not provided in Petsc. One possible way to do
> A.*B and A./B for matrices is to loop through the columns of the matrices,call MatGetColumnVector for each column of matrix A,B
> and then call VecPointwiseMult/VecPointwiseDivide.

This would be very inefficient because it produces dense output and
PETSc matrices are row-aligned.  I would suggest using MatGetRow which
is much faster and preserves sparsity.


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> Subject: Does PETSc have some functions like A.*B, A./B in Matlab?
> Dear PETSc Developers, 
> Does PETSc provide some functions, like A.*B, A./B in Matlab? Thanks a lot. 
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> Yujie 

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