[petsc-users] Problems with the intel compilers

Dominik Szczerba dominik at itis.ethz.ch
Tue Oct 27 15:06:18 CDT 2009

I have noticed already a longer while ago: setting up PETSc with the 
Intel compilers (--with-cc=icc --with-cxx=icpc) takes an order of 
magnitude longer than with the native GNU. The step taking most of the 
time is configuring mpich. I have tried to configure mpich separately 
and indeed, with gnu it is a breeze, with intel 10x slower. In both 
cases, linux both 32 and 64 bit, Ubuntu 9.04 and debian testing. Intel 
compilers 10.x and 11.x.

I just wanted to ask opinion if anybody has similar observations and/or 
finds using intel worthwhile at all.


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