How to get more detailed output in make.log

Satish Balay balay at
Tue Oct 20 16:41:59 CDT 2009

Usually the header at the begining lists these compiler options
separately. But if you want the extra info - you can do:

make ACTION=lib tree

Note: this is not exactly the same build as the default build ['libfast'
attempts to compile multiple files with a sigle command - whereas
'lib' does one source file at a time]. There is also some shell magic which
is hidden [this shell stuff tries to figureout if compiles in the current dir
should be done or skipped]


On Tue, 20 Oct 2009, Keita Teranishi wrote:

> Hi,
> In PETSc, makefile in the top directory produces make.log, which shows only file names that have been compiled, but we'd like to see more detailed output like interaction with compiler commands such as "cc -O3 -c zplog.c."  Is there any way to do that?
> Thanks,
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